Business areas
Halla Precision Engineering Co., Ltd. is making efforts to localize and improve the performance of repair equipment and products for pumps, piping, and operating facilities of nuclear power plants.
Nuclear facility
Maintenance of existing equipment
We are doing our best for efficient operation of nuclear power plants by repairing and manufacturing all equipment necessary for the maintenance of existing facilities such as piping, pumps, and motor driving facilities.
Nuclear facility performance
improvement and construction
Product safety and user convenience
Based on our know-how in repairing and manufacturing nuclear repair equipment such as piping, pumps, and motor driving facilities, we are focusing on improving performance for product safety and user convenience.
Localization and development
of nuclear facilities
Localization of facilities, development of new technology
We are doing our best to continuously invest and develop new technologies for the localization of equipment and facilities for nuclear power plants, such as the in-core instrumentation system extraction and insertion equipment and motor-driven ball valves.